Lets see if we can wake this blog up.  Wildlife are all around us, we consider anything that is alive and able to move from one place to another wildlife.


OK Its awake so lets start off with the Monarch Butterfly so far this summer. Seeing Monarchs off and on all summer, we see them off and on for a day or so and then a few days later we see them again. Sometimes one and sometimes two.   

We do have Milkweed and other plants the monarchs like. have not observed and caterpillars or Chrysalis yet and we are not disturbing any of the plants to find them.  If they are there then they need be left alone to do their thing.

Monarch Butterfly Wildlife
MONARCH on Butterfly Weed
Monarch Butterfly Wildlife
Monarch on Purple Cone Flower
Monarch Butterfly Wildlife
MONARCH on Boomerang Lilac

We are seeing more this year than the past two years. Not sure why as the gardens are about the same. We have not added or changed any thing to attract them. Planning to add more plants and features that will attract them and other butterflies.

A great read is the recently published book MONARCH by Kylee Baumle.  Is available at Amazon MONARCH. excellent presentation with lots of good photos and explanations of the habits and life of the Monarch Butterfly. Good read for young and old alike.

 That’s it for tonight folks. Will be working more on this blog as it needs some tuning up. The ABOUT Page is under construction and needs completion. Side bars need tuning and additions.

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